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Ann Mary Vaughn Williams Memorial Scholarship

Ann Mary Vaughn Williams was a constant supporter of the HPA.  As a fifth generation cattle rancher, sharing the western lifestyle with the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls was close to her heart.   Ann Mary supported the HPA with donations, volunteering her time and talents, and cheering on the contestants at HPA events.  The Ann Mary Vaughn Williams Memorial Scholarship honors her memory by rewarding deserving young contestants that share her values of hard work, volunteerism, generosity and kindness. 


To be eligible for the scholarship contestants must:

  • Be a current HPA member in good standing

  • Be enrolled in high school as a senior graduating the year of the HPA season end and be passing all classes

  • Meet eligibility requirements for year-end awards as outlined in the HPA rulebook

  • Complete and submit the scholarship application by the deadline

View Scholarship information

Download Scholarship Application

Scholarship Recipients:

2022-2023     Alisyn Pardo

                        Gabrielle Klesel

                        Josie Herman

2021-2022     Kaden Ramirez
2020-2021     Talyn Dierking
                        Hallie Herman​

                        Tracy Klesel


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